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Barcelona to Valencia


Vélo Monaco welcomes you to an amazing cycle adventure!

Amazing Scenery

Monday 30th March – Day 1 Barcelona – Tarragona | 100 km We meet up at your accommodation in Barcelona. Together with me I also have our mechanic Roman and driver for our following van. Together we set up your bikes for your height and we start our ride to Tarragona. Your luggage we leave in the following van, together with Roman while I will be riding with you. We start with an easy ride and we hug the coast to Tarragona.

Tarragona is one of the oldest cities in the Spain and a major seaport. It is an ensemble of ancient Roman ruins, which are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and belong to the period when Tarraco (the old name) was one of the most important in Iberia. This sunny city embraces the golden shores of the Costa Dorada.

Tarragona has a few thousand years old history, frozen in time on the streets as ancient antique ruins, a medieval Gothic cathedral, and ancient cobblestone alleys.

Your accomendation is Alexandra Aparthotel BenstarHotelGroup with shared double room with twin beds option, including breakfast and it is always possible to upgrade, for additional fee. See Strava route

Tuesday 31th March – Day 2 Tarragona – Tortosa | 100 km

Our ride today finish in Tortosa, which is a city with a rich past and interesting architecture of a wide variety of styles: from a medieval castle and a Gothic cathedral to Renaissance palaces and quaint Art Nouveau buildings. Three cultures were mixed here: Islamic, Jewish and Christian.

The city has a strange perspective. A real pile of different styles and eras, cohabitation of the beautiful and the ugly. Remarkable Gothic, Renaissance, and modernist buildings are adjacent to poor neighborhoods like slums with abandoned and unfinished houses. In Tortosa, you get to see rich and poor, beautiful and ugly at the same.

Todays accomendation Parador de Tortosa with shared double room with twin beds option, including breakfast and it is always possible to upgrade, for additional fee. See Strava route

Beautiful French Alps

Wednesday 1st April – Day 3 Tortosa-Benicàssim | 116 km. Today we enjoy the beautiful coast to Benicàssim and where also our cosy accommodation Voramar is located. It is shared double room with sea views and twin beds option, including breakfast. See Strava route

Thursday 2nd April – Day 4 Benicàssim-Valencia | 90 km Last day on the bike and to our final destination Valencia, See Strava route

The total price for the package is €2.250,00 | $2.510,00 per person* for the 4 cyclists


* Nothing is booked yet, this is just an idea. So prices can still change, depending on the Hotels demand. And the price is based on a group minimum of 4 riders. 

In the prices also the rental bikes. My recommendation is that the other 4 non riders in your group, book their own rental car. I am happy to arrange their accommodation together with your bookings.

We are also arranging daily your sport laundry.

Also be aware, travel insurance is not included in our packages. Be sure that you have a good and appropriate insurance coverage for the holiday.