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One of the most scenic passes in the world

The Col de Turini is a mountain pass in the Alps in the department of Alpes-Maritimes in France. The road consisting a long series of hairpins winds up the mountains to the summit that sits at 1,607m above sea level.

The Col de Turini is famous for a stage of the Monte Carlo Rally which is held on the tight road sections with their many hairpin turns. Until a few years ago, the Col de Turini was also driven at night, with thousands of fans watching the “night of the long knives” as it was called then, due to the strong headlight beams cutting through the night.

The Tour de France also passed through the Col in the years 1948, 1950 and 1973. 

The Col de Turni is not only for the more experienced road riders but also for less experienced riders too, as we can provide you with electric road or mountain bikes that can help you ride the climbs and terrains with confidence.

There are 3 possible routes to the summit, but we prefer the most scenic of these that starts from Sospel. It will be around 4 hours riding from Monaco to the top of the pass.

A Varied History and Climate too!

The area has seen plenty of fighting over the time between the French and Italians, and this explains the Italian-sounding name of 'Turini'.

The scenery is amazing out here whether you are on the road bikes or riding the trails on a mountain bike.  Either way you can enjoy the peaceful surroundings and stunning mountain scenery.

Climate wise, the coast is well known for its good weather and although the mountains can share this, you will find that the temperature drops steadily with altitude and the further away from the coast you go. It is easy to start the ride in bright sunshine on the coast and then disappear into clouds at 1,500m up.

The best time of the year for cycling the pass is between May and October.

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A touch of luxury thrown in

Enjoy a well-deserved lunch and glass of wine at the summit, and then climb on to our waiting helicopter for an exhilarating flight back to Monaco.

Leave everything to us, your bikes and everything will be taken care of, you just need to sit back and enjoy.

What a great way to bring your team together on a corporate event or just have a good healthy day out riding this beautiful mountain area with your group of like-minded friends.

Great for Health and Fitness

Velo Monaco actively promotes and creates awareness of the benefits of cycling not just from a health and fitness perspective but also for the green environment.

Our electric road and mountain bikes provide the best of all worlds: Use the battery wisely by managing the different power modes and resist the temptation to fly off into the distance with turbo mode too often. Eco mode gives a gentle push while lasting much longer.

But don’t think it will be that easy, if you don’t manage your battery use sensibly, you could run out of steam or indeed in this case battery power.

All in all you will feel better for it at the end of the day, healthier and very content with life.

Suitable for Everyone

Whether you cycle for sport or just want to take your time, cycling the Col de Turini has to be the pinnacle of riding.

Make Col de Turini Your Next Cycling Adventure

Hopefully we have given you a flavour of cycling the pass but please contact us to help us put the right package together for you and your friends.

Below is a suggested itinerary of a trip that we could put together for you, however we will tailor everything according to your budget and time available.

We usually like to include the Col de Turini ride as part of our Monaco package but it however can be a one-off day out for groups or corporates.

We tend to start the day from Monaco on road bikes, hugging the coast to Menton and from there we put on our climbing legs and start the ascent at Castillion to Sospel. After a short break at Sospel we soon start to climb towards the summit of Col de Turini, where we will enjoy a well deserved lunch looking over the amazing mountain scenery.  Following our lunch, we can either jump on the helicopter that is waiting for you or alternatively we can ride downhill all the way back to Monaco.

If you go with the electric mountain bike option, then we do the ride in the opposite direction: We start with the helicopter to Col de Turini and from there ride the mountain bikes all the way back to La Turbie which is just above Monaco.

We will a picnic out in the countryside. This ride suits first-time mountain bike riders, or if your group is up for a challenge then we can happy introduce you to some more difficult (hairy) trails.

We will arrange mountain bikes and all necessary equipment for you including transport.  All that is needed to create an unforgettable day for you and your friends.


This is just a sample of the things that we could put together for you, but please talk to us about your preferences and we can put an experience together for you and your friends that you will never forget.